A downloadable antidotal anecdote for Windows

This game is not for everyone. In particular, this game contains Adult themes such as Body Horror, mentions of cigarettes, loud burst of noises and strobing lights and disturbing visuals, et al.
Now that's out of the way -- Sit back and enjoy the ride, this work is yet to be done! The game is still in the demo phase, and about half of the game is what I consider 'done'
... So please stay tuned, will you.

There would be a family gathering, they said.
There surely would be your family residing in this exact position presented in the letter, they said.
Follow the direction and you shall meet your family after a god-knows-how long has it been since you last met them, they said.

They said so.

You, as a very man, are in a severed quest of locating your home for annual Christmas Family Gathering (CFG).
But upon successfully injecting yourself into the so-called your family house, it was revealed that the house was in fact, nothing but deception -- Lies. Obsoletion. Left-to-rot-away.

Yet never give your hopes up!

Even though there is no visible human race, let alone your familys' trace was left, this still remains a fact: It was the very place where your family had been living on for a long time. It's just that they have since moved unto another position a long, long time ago.

Your only hope to find your family's current location, is now nothing but a remains of what used to be a successful addition to you and your family's house; A mysterious videotape playing device, and an one (1) videotape.

Are you ready to reunite with your family yet again?

A standalone tester type beat of the game, BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR.

'BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR' is a videotape in a videogame form -- You will watch yourself belonging to unconventional places, meet inexplicable people and situations: All thanks to the old videotapes your former self have recorded using a Hi-tech, bleeding-edge, state-of-art videotape system. Available for you to utilize it to find the clues behind your mysterious past, and to extent, your family.

To word it differently, it is a 3-D, semi-horror adventure game / interactible diorama of sorts: Taking heavy inspirations from theatre of absurd, surrealism, many works of the internet user 'PilotRedSun', and most importantly, 200X-era internet humours such as 'Youtube Poop' and amateur motion films made with 'Garry's mod' and 'Source Filmmaker'.

Sit back, and enjoy as the visages of your forgotten past enfloods your oculus -- Even the blink of an eye could lead you to somewhere else.


  • WASD / L stick to move
  • Mouse / R stick to pan the camera
  • Mouse wheel / D-pad up/down to zoom in/out
  • Shift / Left Bumper to sprint (if you can)
  • ESC to pause the game

As the work is unfinished, there are many nooks and crannies that needs to be ironed out; Afterall, the reason I'm putting this demo out is to aid the development from the potential feedbacks and bug reports I could get.
Therefore any bug reports and constructive criticism are always more than welcome.
And while that's cooking, you can check out the game's micro-progresses on my Twitter page: (@ZIKBAKGURI)

Oh. And check out the official soundtrack volume #1 for the game:

I hope to see you soon again in the near future. Take care.


A videogame by ZIK
Original soundtrack composed by Gribblesnap (https://gribblesnap.bandcamp.com/)
Special thanks to Polyducks for a roach model (https://twitter.com/Polyducks)
Huge props to TheSnidr (https://twitter.com/TheSnidr) for providing the ColMesh library

Sounds from mostly Freesound, and wicked, mangled, royalty free sounds in Audacity.

Sending love to the Youtube Poop and indie game dev community.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker, Blender, Krita, Audacity, Aseprite
Tags3D, Abstract, Comedy, Dark Humor, GameMaker, Horror, Narrative, Pixel Art, Surreal
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


baabosangjaar_v10_yyc 141 MB

Install instructions

Unzip, and execute the "BAABOSANGJAAR.exe"


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I played this a while ago and god.. I hope this gets a full release because it instantly became one of my favorite games! the comedy is on point like.. everytime 10/10


PLease finisgh this sexy 

Do loud bursts of noises mean jumpscares? I wanna try the demo but my heart may be against it

Not exactly a "jumpscare" as in spooky ghost thing popping out unto yours truly, but there's a few scenes where things get loud & glitchy semi-unexpectedly. Please take care if you have decided to give the demo a go!

Thank you so much! I will give it a try, and will have a company nearby to hell if I got overspooked


literaly only making an itch account to leave a comment here saying how much i loved this demo its a GOOD :  )

mick mangles is suspended

:) 👍


how you well make the artstyle

가장 독특한 게임이라고 부르고 싶은데 한국 개발자가 모국어로 안적어놓으니 너무 안타깝다 되도록이면 한국어 패치를 빨리 해주십시요...


원래는 지금쯤 한국어 '패치'가 나왔...어야 했는데. 군복무로 끌려가버렸어요. OTL

다행히도 대체복무인지라 조금씩 진행은 되고 있다만 출퇴근 시간덕에 개발속도가 너어어어어ㅓ어ㅓㅓㅓ무 느립니다


the art style makes me happy : )


very funny, character designs and game style insanely unique.

I love the approach, and while the concept not-so original, its a really interesting and immersive experience.

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One of my favourite games ever, from the perspective of a player and from the perspective of a developer. Great job! (by the way, the engine looks super cool! I cant even believe you built all of this on top of Game Maker Studio)

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funny name for a horror game. Good work.

is this a horror game?

(1 edit)

Yeah. One thing that I regret on this demo is that I objectively have failed to showcase more of the horror aspect of this project, and I really hope to cover that side of the game in the full product well enough.


watch petscop 

it'll help

didn't i tell u pure black is transparent


Haha uh oh

one of my favorites of this year's demo disc. Are you planning a full release? I desperately want more


Hello. Sorry for late reply; But yes. The game is still being worked onto its death road to full release, albeit in a more slow pace than usual.

TLDR; I am currently working on to fullfill my mandatory military duty by working on a full-time IT job. So the amount of free time I can work on my personal projects has been lowered than say, my usual college kid routine. But I ain't giving up yet, I'm griding away whenever I get home from the workplace!
On the other hand though, since I'm in the "fixing & tweaking the writing and pondering about the better ways to conclude this story in order to make it flow smoother" phase... It's nothing short of a shame that I can't give any meaty progress reports on the game as much as I did before.

But yeah, thanks a lot for showing your interest in the project, I really appreciate it. I just really wish I can manage to deliver my best on this project as a humble thank-yous.


Work on it on your pace, and no need for crazy updates, I'll still be excited about it when it releases either way!

I love this game so much... :]

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This is a masterpiece. I can't even express. 이것은 걸작입니다. 표현도 못합니다.


hey there, i remember playing the madvent version of this and oh man a lot has happened for this new version. Loved pretty much everything here especially the art and music. Very amazing work here. Keep it up ZIK your work is awesome :D 


I'm probably too late for this reply, but thank you so much!

never too late :D you’re welcome!

(1 edit) (+1)

heya, i've re-created this account just to comment here, and i would like to say this was probably the game that made me laugh the most in my entire life, my humor was always really wierd and playing something that made me laugh as hard as i did was an amazing feeling.

Seeing how inspired by PilotRedSun and YTP the jokes are on this game also added something special to this in my heart, and HOLY FUCK this is just a small demo,

Also the more unsettling areas was really nice + just being good small little horror zones with no jumpscares made it all a wonderful experience.

I really hope to see a full realease on this game, i WILL buy it no matter what!

This was a wild ride, I can't wait to see what it becomes in the future. I played your demo through the Spectral Mall thus the thumbnail.

Also apologies, i could not for the life of me pronounce the name of your game

this game is really cool! i love the visuals and the sound effects and the whole theme as well as the music! i can't wait to check the whole game when its ready! <3 :3

this was really cool man

i feel toasted

made a vid!


Wonderful explosion of creativity. I love your style. Crazy that you doing this in Game Maker Studio. Looking forward on full release.


언어적 문제로 플레이 하기는 어려웠습니다. 하지만 분위기에 압도 당했습니다. 독특하면서 확고한 스타일에 마음을 사로잡았습니다. 훌륭한 연출에 박수를 보냅니다. 이런 능력을 가진 사람들이 부럽습니다. 


the intense deja vu refracted through a shattered lens of something like ... the trauma of living and continuing on that i felt from this was Real Good.  i love the way that words are put together here.  it's precise.  it summons the idea of a dream, or a google translate, or when you're trying to talk to people on a forum or chatboard wherein no one speaks the same language, and you're all trying to figure out some middle ground.  it's both funny and nightmarish.  which is funny because it's also very comforting and familiar in its content.  i fully understand this as a semi-horror game at the same time as having very happy feelings about what it reminds me.  the dream-nature of looking back on old memories and the way they're broken up, or literal, or smoothed out and over as the things you understood then are understood differently now.

anyway i'm hype for the full release.  thanks for this work.

Great game, very pretty art style

달은 치즈다, 왜냐하면 색도 비슷하고 구멍도 있기 때문이다

감사합니다 치즈대사관 감사합니다 1987

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 6:31 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development!

Nice. Interesting use of runes as well.

I like game 🥸 ->

Loved this game, I was to play the full so bad


Absolutely stellar!



안녕하신가. 힘세고 좋은아침이군

한국어 버전은 없나요


안타깝게도 대사들의 의도된 브로큰 잉글리시와 언어유희가 너무나도 강렬했습니다.

덕분에 게임의 대사가 모두 완성된 뒤 직접 한국어로 통역/다시 쓴 뒤 언어 옵션을 통해 한국어 버전을  사용 가능하게끔 할 예정입니다.

한국인 개발자놈이 영어로 게임을 만들고 한국어 패치를 나중에 하게 되는 아이러니한 상황이 되어버렸네요.


I remember playing an earlier demo that I had posted sometime last year? This one is looking really well done!

Full Demo NO Commentary