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ZIK PRESENTS : BJÖRTFX - A CRT-like retro screen effect utility

-=[ WTF is this?? ]=-

This was originally written for a tech demo of my latest shader (https://github.com/TandyRum1024/gms-bjortfx-filter) example.
Using this, you can create images with retro, old monitors aesthetics as if they've been captured from such monitors.
This program provides you with various controls to fiddle aroud while also allowing you to apply the effects on your own pictures, so feel free to go wild & experiment with the settings!
Also, this program allows you to resize the windows as much as you like it so there's that too.. Have fun!


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Tagscrt, Effects, fx, Retro, Shaders, tool, util
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I notice that scrolling cameras don't work properly.  The game think it's scrolling, and acts accordingly, but the surface itself doenst move.

Is it possible to import and export videos? The filter looks incredible btw!!

Amazing!  Love it so much.

Hey, loving your shader!

I got problems when switching into fullscreen mode with your shader. Any suggestions to solve that?

Thanks alot!

Do you have issues with camera scrolling?

Hmm, one thing I noticed is that where I need to click to use objects seems to become misaligned? Really love it otherwise!

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Hello! Hella' glad that you enjoyed my.. tool? (not sure haha)

Are you referring to the buttons onscreen being misaligned whenever you click on it? I'll look into it -- Thanks for letting me know about the bug!

In the meantime; I'm currently working on other projects for now so I'm bit busy, but I'm planning to revamping the tool to use the (newer) version of engine I'm using now -- So stay tuned(?) ...if you will so!


I think it's because the shader visually moves objects while Gamemaker is still checking their original position for stuff like mouse clicks. It's not the end of the world since I can make an invisible object on top in the position where it is visually but appreciated, excited to see what you do in future!

Besides that though, I've loved using this shader - it looks great, thank you!

Ah. Seems like it's a side effect of CRT monitor distortion. In that case then workaround like that is inevitable, unfortunately...

But thank you too for using my shader; Much appreciated!

Oh, good.


Holy moly, this is some good shit.

Aye, thank you!


Hello Zik! You are incredibly cool! Sorry for the stupid question, but what license should i use for my commercial project if i used this https://trixelized.itch.io/bjortfx version of your asset? Thank you!


Since the project is licensed under MIT License (https://github.com/TandyRum1024/gms-bjortfx-filter/blob/master/LICENSE.txt),
You would include this (https://github.com/TandyRum1024/gms-bjortfx-filter/blob/master/LICENSE.txt) copyright notice/license in your project & credit me... In ideal case, of course.

But in scenario where including a license file isn't just possible, then just crediting me would be enough! (something like 'This project uses BJÖRTFX by ZIK')


can't export any image, even the defaults :3

Oh crap, seems like the last update broke it -- I've got it fixed!
Thank you for letting me know about this issue!


Amazing !
It updated my GMS 1.4 to GMS 2 because of how epic it is !


Sir, I think that's because you're epic 😳


very epic


Looks cool!