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Submission for GMTK GameJam 2019!



HIGH LANDING BULLET but LOW ON BULLET is a game where you've got only one bullet, But you can attract or deflect away the bullet, Lure em' into your enemy, Make it count.


You've finally obtained the Ledgendary bullet!
But sadly that bullet is the last bullet you've got, And out of nowhere some weirdos that wants to take your bullet back to it's lair are comming to kill you!
Now, you have to kill as many as possible with one shot!


How to play

ARROW KEYS to move
Hold Z to begin current wave by shooting a bullet.

You can deflect / push away bullet by holding Z. Releasing Z will also attract the bullet.

Lure the bullet into enemies to defeat them!

If the bullet hits you, You're going to die (obviously).
Also if you let the bullet hit the wall, You're gonna lose it, Rendering you helpless from all those weirdos that will kill you. Make sure the bullet cannot hit the walls!


All graphics & sprites are work of mine
Fonts used are Sam3KRFont and Times new roman.
Music made with Bosca Ceoil
Intermission music is Joplin Scott Joplin's New Rag (heavily edited)

If you enjoyed the game, Feel free to leave some feedbacks and rate my game on https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2019/rate/462860.
Thank you!


Install instructions

Unzip & Execute!
(See readme.txt  for more info, If you want it.)


GMTK Game jam 2019 build 4 MB

Development log

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